General Characteristics

In Singapore, the two main types of incorporated companies are:

  • Private Limited (‘Pte Ltd’) Companies: the number of shareholders is limited to fifty or less and has restrictions on the right to transfer its shares
  • Public Companies: the number of shareholders can be more than fifty members and the company may raise capital by offering shares and debentures to the public

A Private Company limited by shares – Private Limited Company (‘Pte Ltd’) is the most common type of company.

A Singapore Company may be registered with only one shareholder who can be an individual or a corporation. There is no requirement for shareholder(s) to be resident in Singapore.

The liability of the shareholders is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on the shares issued to them. However, there is no minimum capital requirement. The company can be formed with an issued capital of S$ 1 that can subsequently be increased to the required amount. The par value of shares is usually fixed at S$ 1 per share. No-par value and bearer shares are not permitted.