The Limited Liability Partnership should

  • Ensure that all its invoices and official correspondence bear the name of the LLP, its registration number and a statement that it is registered with limited
  • Keep accounts and other records which will sufficiently explain the transactions and financial position of the LLP for 7 consecutive years. An LLP in Singapore is not required to file its accounts or have them audited. Nor does it need to disclose its capital.
  • Submit an annual declaration to ACRA which states whether the LLP is able to pay its debts as they become due in the normal course of business. The first annual declaration must be lodged within 15 months from the date of registration and subsequent declarations should be lodged once every calendar year but not more than 15 months from the filing of the last declaration.
  • Notify ACRA of changes to registered particulars such as a change of name or a change of partner/manager.