The LP can only be created by registration of a new LP and cannot be converted from a company, business or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

First, an application for approval and reservation of the LLP name has to be filed with the Registrar. Upon approval an LP a foreign individual or company is is required to be registered online via BizFile with ACRA through a professional business registration firm.

During the registration of the LP, the lodger is required to indicate if the proposed LP falls under Regulation 12 of the LP Regulations which applis if a LP primarily establishes a fund for investment, and a “licensed fund manager” manages the fund. This also requires to indicate the name of the licensed fund manager in the application.

  • Proposed name of the Limited Partnership
  • Particulars of the LP partners/managers (foreign passport or Singapore ID)
  • Residential address of the LP partners/managers
  • Consent to Act as Manager and Statement of Non Disqualification to Act as Manager
  • If partner is a company: Registration details of the company
  • Declaration of compliance

ACRA will send an email notification confirming the Singapore LP registration. A business profile containing the registration details can be obtained as a softcopy via email from ACRA upon successful registration of the LP. Softcopies are usually sufficient to all purposes in Singapore.